May 28, 2011

May 27th, 2011 (last day of school)!

Put snakey up for sale.   I really want to find her a good home,  She's over 9 feet and weighs around 40 pounds,  the money isn't important just the future of "Snakey"  the nameless boa constrictor..

God I'm going to miss Logan, Utah.   This is one of the best places to live in the U.S.A.,  and I've been to most of the country.   I believe I previously mentioned that Logan has the lowest crime rate in the country for Metro areas over 100,000 population.   Its because most of the kids have two parents at home,  and they are very dedicated to raising them with respect for others.   Most of the local populous are LDS or Mormon folks.   Although,  I am a hard drinking Texan and a Taoist/Buddhist/Christian,   I find that the Mormons follow Christ's teachings better than many other so called Christians.   I won't say they are perfect,  but most are kind hearted and accepting of others.  Their kids are a delight to teach.   No one really discusses religion to me unless I bring it up.   I am glad that the Mormon Church is growing,  and I attribute their success to their overall good and positive karma.

I love this place so much that I decided to stay for the entire month of June and get to know the local scenery a little better.   This will include hiking in the mountains as well as bicycling everyday in order to get in better shape.  The cool climate up here invites exercise in the Summer and discourages it in the Winter.    After this long winter... I noticed that I  am quite the fat slob,  and will hit the bikes tomorrow morning.   Once in China,  I will have to climb 5 floors of stairs just to get into my apartment,  not to mention the 20 minute walk to my classroom,  where more stairs beckon.

Been Jammin on the Sax like a fiend of late,  and plan to get in with the Chinese blues and jazz scene on the weekends,  which means I need to gain a lot of talent in a short amount of time.   I still remember my old skills,  but Jazz/Blues is another subject altogether.    Once in China I plan to jam on the roof of my building late at night and really enjoy myself.

Tonight I am making my Chinese Hot and Sour Soup,  which usually calls for copious amounts of tofu,  but I am substituting with chopped up hot dogs and mushrooms.   I've done this before and it completely rocks!   Learned this hotdog trick from the "Pho" Vietnamese restaurants down in Hawaii.

Here are a few pics I took off my front porch of the local mountains which came out nicely due to the sun and cloud event we had this evening.



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