May 7, 2011

Saturday, May 7th, 2011 China!

Busy week,  taking care of getting my Utah teaching license renewed is more bullshit than I can imagine.   But it's nearly done,  so I will have the option of returning to my school district,  in 2012.

I received 4 job offers at Chinese universities this week,  and finally accepted a Job!    Yes Folks!  "Yours Truly" is going to be a "Foreign Expert" at a major Chinese University next year and possibly longer.   It sure is nice that my school district is allowing me the option of returning.   It was dam hard leaving a 50 thousand per year job.   I know thats not much in this day and age,  but it is far more than I've ever earned in a year and I'm proud to be a middle class citizen of the US of A!     Only problem is that they tax the living shit out of me so I can't afford much.     In China I will get a free apartment, all bills paid, and $750 for spending money....   Which means,  that I can travel by train every other weekend,   eat all meals at restaurants and still have a couple hundred left over.     I've talked to those that are doing this.     And instead of teaching 25 hours per week,  I will be only teaching 12 with few office hours to keep up.    This is a part time job.

I plan to see as much as China as I can in a year.   I want to learn to speak the language,  and enjoy the Chinese culture as much as possible.    I like most Chinese folks,  they have a good sense of humor.  Sure there are bad points and trade-offs,  but I am only looking for the good.    Plus I can learn more about my Buddhist and Taoist roots,  hang out with some Monks.    Pee wherever I want!   And travel cheaply on China's extensive train system,  which means I don't have to drive a fucking car everywhere I wish to go.   (I do want a small motorbike,  so I can explore the countryside of course).

China really is a great place to live.   Much safer than our democratic nation that allows people to get away with murder,  because we don't want to infringe on their "freedom".   Hell,   I want the "freedom" to walk the streets without getting mugged or killed.     I want my kids to have the "freedom" not to have drugs shoved in their face whenever they go to a party.   China works smoothy and simply.   Sell drugs,  you get taken to a judge,  who sentences you to death,  and your jailers take you out back and shoot your
sorry ass!   Justice served...      When the Country announces a 50 mile bullet train from one city to another,  it gets done within a year.   No bullshit,  no bond elections,  no labor unions.   DONE!
I think this is the only form of government that can get shit done.   Period.      Teachers actually have rights in this country.   Kids are responsible for their behavior or they are expelled permanently.   They don't dick around with hearings,  where the liberal lawyer defends the poor crack baby against the mean teachers who won't let the child express himself with a knife whenever he wants.   He just gets expelled and his crack momma gets life in a penal institution where prisoners must work for their room and board, and their relatives must provide them with food.    China is a very free country by comparison of what I am used to.     All Democracies work well at first,  but eventually degenerate into tyrannies.    Read your History folks.   I still love America with all my heart and soul,   but nothing gets done around here,  the rich get richer and the poor no longer has respect for the law,   they don't have much choice.   It's impossible to be a poor man and a law-abiding citizen.     Back when I was dirt poor I frequently drove illegally w/o insurance or registration.   Couldn't afford it.     This country used to be for the middle classes,   that was then this is now.    I'm going to China for many reasons.   I've just described one of them.    

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