Jun 28, 2011

Oh shit it is time to leave here... June 27th, 2012

I have six days left in the valley that I have came to love.   Yes,  I made the decision to leave due to age old longings of teaching in the far east.   I know that I am choosing the correct path yet my emotions are making this more difficult every passing day.    June in Cache Valley is a spectacular time and I have enjoyed my forth June here most thoroughly.    So now on to store my stuff and make a temp-move to Dallas for a month,  then off to China,  and all points in-between!  Vegas will be hit in mid July as my daughter and grandson accompany me for a three day weekend at the Circus.   A three year old on his first plane experience will make his ticket price more than worth it.   My daughter hasn't been able to fly much either,  and I know they will enjoy the lights of Vegas,  a city that I have never been as well.

Ar this very moment I am trying to sit through some Robert Altman film,  which is one of the films that Paul Newmans website does not promote or mention a whole lot.   After witnessing many lame futuristic movies from the 70's,  this one is really no surprise.  

The place is looking a bit lonely now since I have moved and sold much of the arrangements.   Tomorrow more of the heavy stuff will be going,  but I plan to save the TV and the couch for last.   It almost feels like I am in the last days of the losing side of a war and plans and goals are happening all at once.   The place needs to be clean and vacant by this very Sunday,   and there is still a million things to do. I have a snake that needs a home,  and a small aquarium that needs to be vacated.   My bikes will be safe,  (motor and pedal) and many things still need to be purchased on ebay in the next two days and then I will send them on.   Like the fall of Saigon it seems,  cept the survivors won't be jumping from my roor onto helicopters.   And I must leave the place clean for my kind land lady.

Mail has got to be handled,  people and entities need to be paid,  and some need to pay me.  The doctor has to fill out my Chinese "Foreign Workers Exam",  give me shots,  then prescriptions for a year in advance,   then I have to gather the reciepts and send them to  the place that will reemburse me for the expenses,  which is really a cheesy annuity corp which I opted to pay into rather than having first class insurance.   Its more complicated,  but its cheaper unless I happen to get really sick,  then I know those weasel-fucks will squirm their way out of paying anything of major expense.

I will write and post pics very soon...

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